Knowledge is Power

We try to make our telemarketing campaigns work as simplistically and jargon free as possible.

We act as an extended arm of your business; we are you and represent your business just as though it were you making the calls.



How Your Telemarketing Campaign Works:

Not everyone is a potential client.

You want each call to be relevant and vital and to do this we need to understand you, your business and the specifics about what your right target market is.

Data is paramount.

What sectors your clients are from, what size of company they are, how many staff they have, what their turnover is, and what location they are in are just a few things we think about before even starting your campaign.

Training guides are not scripts.

We create bespoke guides for each individual business we work with. Your telemarketer/s are trained to become part of your company, have the competence of a long term member of staff and the confidence as if you were calling.

You will learn the strengths and weaknesses of your market by their sector, size, location, best days and times to call and will know their upcoming plans for the year ahead  

Its your campaign

You decide the right campaign for you – trial or rolling


Once completed we confirm with you that you are happy with your data and guide


We can have a conference call with your telemarketer/s before we start calling

Following up

During our calling we can email and follow up your interested prospective leads


Together we compose the foundations for your training guide and target data


We train your individually assigned telemarketer/s to be confident and competent, so they become part of your business

Building a pipeline

Your telemarketer/s start calling, making you appointments, sales and a pipeline of leads for across the year


We give you regular updates, weekly reports and review your campaign continually

Telemarketing Campaign Options:

We have the choice of 2 telemarketing campaigns types; trial or rolling.


A trial is where a client can choose to do a campaign at no minimum order. They can pick the number of hours they need per week and how many weeks they wish to do it for. We can work to suit their budget.


A rolling campaign is for a client who is looking to get regular telemarketing done for their business and is maybe unsure in terms of what period they need to run it for. We give the client the opportunity of having a 2 weeks cancelation notice so that they don’t have to worry about long term commitment.

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