Time To Dust Off Your Database?

Time To Dust Off Your Database? – By Felicity Francis

Do you have a C.R.M (Customer Relationship Management) package? Perhaps you have a different database system, such as excel or other software? How often do you use your databases to help you manage and market to your clients?

If your database is feeling neglected, we’ll help you get the most from the data that you have.

You probably have access to an extensive database which you could generate leads from, there’s information just waiting to be used effectively but, and there’s always a but, the day-to-day running of the business takes up all of your employees’ time and resources. You’re working hard to solidify relationships with existing clients, and that’s vital, but the potential clients haven’t been chased up and have forgotten why they chose to enquire into your services in the first place.   

So, how do you get the time to work on your database while your in-house and field team are fully occupied running your day-to-day business? How do you manage your current clients, and keep in contact with those who have previously looked into your business?


If you and your sales team are occupied, then you can use reputable telemarketing companies such as Talk Results to help you utilise and maximise the potential of your current database.

Each campaign is completely tailored to your requirements, providing your company with excellent value return on investment; follow ups are routinely made, not just for a short period but for the year or years ahead which boosts your business.

Outsourcing telemarketing to us, a third party expert, is an efficient and effective way to learn who is interested, who might be tempted back to you, and who simply doesn’t think that they need you (and importantly WHY they think that, so that you can alter your marketing and approach!).

Until contact is made it remains a mystery whether they will ever do business with you or find an alternative. Once they’re with your rival it could prove hard to win them back, but it’s possible with a little attention and good customer service. Our guided conversations and friendly phone manner is the opposite of hard selling, which we find gets our clients the best results from their campaigns. We expertly remove jargon so that clients are confident in the conversation and when they speak to a member of your sales team.

It’s well known that people need to hear something regularly to recognise its importance, so we schedule calls and appointments for future interests and warm leads (not just hot ones), and our approachable, passionate callers can make even the cold ones warm up. Because our approach is friendly and non-aggressive (no hard sales) we often find that these regular calls are met positively, and the process of building a relationship and showing you care is what makes our telemarketing strategy so successful.

You may be busy now but can you afford not to make the most of opportunities to maximise revenue for today and tomorrow? Future-proof your business by caring for your database.

As we start the process of gaining interest and business development for your company, we also evaluate the feedback that we’re receiving and this in itself is a vital tool. Perhaps potential clients don’t know enough about you, your products, your network of locations, service delivery or reputation; or they could be labouring under the misapprehension that you are no longer in business because they haven’t heard from you in years.

Talk Results provides the means to contact your database using callers who are knowledgeable, personable and enthusiastic to promote and represent your brand and business. It is time to dust off that database and begin building relationships with previous and potential clients.

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