It doesn’t have to be.

If done correctly, with the right planning, preparation, attitude and correct data then you will be speaking to people who want to talk to you and will be as enthusiastic as you are about your business.

Telemarketing is not just appointment making or sales. We have lots of different clients needing different services.

Here’s how it works:

A New Approach to Tele-Marketing

Number 1lightbulbWe decide on the right angle to promote your business and who you want to target.


image2We write you up a Sales Story, source your data (if necessary) and let you to give it a once over (or a twice over if needed!).


image3Customer ServiceWe train up our telemarketers to understand your business as a whole and feel confident in being part of it. 




We prep your data, weekly reports and write you up an email (if necessary) for ‘info sends’. 

image5Success - BlackboardWe start calling and making you appointments, leads and sales!

Talk Results: Telemarketing Styles

Below lists just some of the styles of telemarketing we do. Have a look at the descriptions and see if they would help benefit your business.

Appointment Making

This is our most frequent campaign. It works well for most businesses and can easily be part of a data cleansing project, direct selling or brand awareness campaign.

Direct Selling

It is everyone’s worst nightmare having a pushy sales person on the phone. We have removed that attitude and changed it - with the right preparation, training and skills needed, we have created a team of sales people actually able to have a conversation, establish a need and sell without hard selling. This type of project is great for advertising, event ticket sales and product sales etc.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is a prerogative for any campaign however some clients want their database cleaned before doing postal or email marketing. We make sure their database details are up to date, clean and that they will be emailing / posting to the right people. This can also generate sales.

Gentle Introductions Campaigns

A gentle introduction campaign is a style of telemarketing that is focused on gaining name and brand awareness. It builds up a pipeline of leads who will contact you when they are next looking into needing your services.

We find that as we are so relaxed speaking with the client, by not pushing for an appointment / sale they tend to be more open, honest and interested to meet / buy.

This style of approach works best on nearly all campaigns and tends to give us the best chance to gather information from your potential clients.

Brand Awareness

Companies need to get recognised and their brand known. We perform projects where we call to make businesses aware of our client’s existence. It is great for companies to get their name out to those in contracts and those who put business up for tender.

Customer Service Calling

Some of our clients pass us their old and current client databases to act as their customer service department and to encourage more sales from warm leads. This also cleans the database and gives our clients more time to focus on growing their business rather than chasing clients.

Getting Dates of Renewal

For companies providing services that require contracts this is a good way to find out when they will next be reviewing. It is also good for finding out who their current provider is and who they use as well as gathering the correct contact details and emails.

Events Organisation

We have worked with clients who require awareness to be raised for their events. They also require us to take bookings for seats and tables and also need support in finding sponsors.

Internal Talks

Our internal talks campaigns are primarily used by IFAs who wish to speak to customers within the NHS and Education sectors. Our clients have used topics such as discussing pensions, power of attorney and investments. This would also work among other industries looking to target these sectors.

Outsourced Support for Internal Team

We are able to act as an external source to companies with any overflow projects. We work with their team acting as an extra pair of hands. We also take on a client’s smaller projects during periods of high work volume. We are able to slot in with a company who already have a marketing department and need to expand but lack the time for recruiting and training.

Promoting Offers

Our clients ask for us to call any of their regular and /or new contacts to promote a current or upcoming offer or event. This style of campaign works particularly well within trade industry but also works well for other sectors.


We have had several campaigns within both finance and law, requiring support to encourage meetings to discuss moving to a new company. Our method is great at finding out what elements they are unhappy with in their current role and being able to share what benefits they will gain from changing companies.


Our clients sometimes require the opinion of their potential clients before making company decisions. They look to us to speak to a varying range of contacts to gather answers to questions. This can be us taking answers over the phone or the client wishes us to email them a survey to fill out. This style of campaign is very good to start conversations and can usually lead to making both appointments and direct sales.

B2C – Business to Consumer

We can contact consumers at home if you are looking to promote your services to people rather than a business. Examples of projects are things such as discussing pension changes, setting appointments for plumbing and maintenance work and campaigns targeting children in after-school clubs.

Talk Booking

This is a great campaign for those looking to speak to multiple people on one occasion. We contact specific groups to book in our client to speak at their events. This is great for getting a large number of people listening to you about your business and services. Our current involvement is with Will Writers and IFAs but this works with a variation of business sectors.


Sectors We Have Supported

  • Accountancy Services
  • Advertising – Magazine
  • Advertising – Newspaper
  • Advertising - Online Magazine
  • Advertising - Specialised Sector
  • Apps and Products
  • Biomass
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Communication Services
  • Business Consultancy
  • Business Support
  • Capital Allowance
  • Charity
  • Commercial Catering Equipment
  • Communication
  • Copywriters
  • Copywriting
  • Debt Collection
  • Dentistry
  • Drama School
  • Eco Friendly Living
  • Emergency Call Out - Electrical / Plumbing
  • Energy Money Saving
  • Engineering
  • Events - Corporate Entertainment
  • Events - Wedding and Shows
  • Fashion Design - Asian Sector


  • Financial – Recruitment
  • Financial (Pensions)
  • Financial Apt Making
  • Fire & Safety Management
  • Grants
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Health Insurance
  • Health Supplements
  • HR Systems
  • I.T. Support
  • IFA - Auto Enrolment
  • IFA – Expats
  • IFA - Talk Bookings
  • Independent Business Support
  • Injury Claims
  • Insurance
  • Insurance - Renewal Dates / Apts
  • Investments
  • Ironmongery
  • IT Support
  • Law – Recruitment
  • Legal Apt Making
  • Legal - Hospital Support
  • Legal - Talk Booking
  • Lifts and Maintenance Support
  • Media – Branding
  • Media - Websites, Adverts, 360 Photography


  • NHS Services
  • NVQ & Apprenticeship Training
  • NVQ Training
  • Office Stationery
  • Packaging
  • Pensions Review
  • Photography
  • Property – Landlords
  • Security
  • SEO
  • Sports Gear
  • Storage Building
  • Systems for Festivals
  • Telecoms
  • Training - Coaching / Consulting
  • Training - Full Support
  • Training - Online and Distance
  • Training and Consultancy
  • Translation Services
  • Utilities – Overcharging
  • Utilities - Survey and Sign Up
  • Utilities Money Saving
  • Utilities Management
  • Video Filming
  • Websites
  • Websites – Branding
  • Websites - Full Services
  • Websites – Video


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