Our Board

Our Board

Felicity Francis


About Me

I am based in Lincolnshire in one of the UK’s most sought after towns, Stamford (if you don’t know of it, it is worth looking up). I started Talk Results back in 2009 with the help of fellow board member, Rory MacLaren-Jackson. I am such a firm believer in hard work and getting things done right (helpfully influenced by my slight OCD).

My focus has been to get businesses who deem themselves unsuitable for telemarketing using it and reaping the benefits. Additionally I want to be the person that changes the mind of those who think telemarketing is a bad thing.

I especially like to help those who have had a bad experience with telemarketing and giving them a new view on how it can help their businesses (not hinder it). My passion is to remove the bad stigma surrounding the word telemarketing and if I could invent a new word for it I would! My happy moment in life is seeing a business booming knowing we are the ones who helped them get there


My tasks within the company are to make sure that the clients are managed, the telemarketers are happy and the work is done well.If you work with us, 9 times out of 10 it will be me being hands on with the business and dealing with you. I love to understand your business, entertain you with new ideas for telemarketing and most of all be the one to write your sales story (this is where my OCD shines!).

I like to be involved but most of all I like to keep you happy. I will be there from the start to the end and keep you reviewed, updated and checking you are happy with the progress all the way through your campaigns

Personal Interests

In my spare time I am very fond of baking, although I like to put my own take on things – mainly with good results! I am partial to holding the occasional dinner party and test out my latest culinary masterpieces on friends and family! I have been informed my Maltesers® cheesecake is the best!

I am also learning (or tackling) the skills of gardening having purchased a house with a 100ft garden. So far my key skill is removing weeds but I do find this most relaxing and find it is a great way to de-stress from life.

Rory James MacLaren-Jackson

The Chairman

About Me

I am a human development specialist with a strong entrepreneurial background and track record in business.

I bring a broad and quite eclectic mix of qualifications and experience to my role; I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Management Consultant and vocational education Trainer. I also hold Postgraduate qualifications in Law and Psychology.

Together with my fellow Talk Results director Fabio Del Piero, we run an internationally-renowned clinic on Harley Street as well as heading up The Business Ladder – a soft skills focused training company.

With an approach informed by the psychology of human communication (especially in relation to sales), I am a big believer in the results that can be achieved from the right mindset combined with the right skills.


It is my job to lead the Board at Talk Results, monitoring our performance against set targets.

As well as my previous board-level experience, I am a Member of both the Institute of Directors and the Institute of Consulting/CMI. My creative approach also means that I am responsible for our innovation strategy and how the Talk Results brand is communicated.

I also oversee the training programmes at Talk Results, bringing The Business Ladder’s no-nonsense and results-driven approach to our sales and customer service training, coaching and mentoring.

Personal Interests

Many, many, many!

I enjoy fitness and amateur boxing. I write, enjoy art, film (especially 1940s/50s film noir) and theatre. I am a keen explorer of London history and my own Irish-Scots history and heritage.

Fabio Del Piero

The Managing Director (MD)

About Me

I am an Oxford graduate, former City lawyer, and entrepreneur with many interests in the fields of business and personal development, ranging from clinical hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy to business training and consultancy.

Together with Rory James MacLaren-Jackson, I own an internationally-renowned hypnotherapy clinic on Harley Street as well as heading up The Business Ladder which provides soft skills focused training and consultancy.


I provide board-level support and guidance for Talk Results, taking in aspects from current operations to strategic planning and investment.

Ensuring the company is functioning smoothly in the here-and-now, as well as exploring and planning tomorrow’s growth and challenges, makes for a fascinating and stimulating experience.

I am also responsible for corporate governance at Talk Results, ensuring the company fulfils its statutory, ethical and social responsibilities.

Personal Interests

I play the piano (mainly Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt, Schubert and Mendelssohn), enjoy tennis and football, write short fiction and love cats.