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Blackboard to success

We like to be different and our method for telemarketing follows suit!

When working with our clients we make sure we give them a clear picture of what will happen during their campaigns and our telemarketing team are ready to easily absorb the project in hand.

We do shout about it a lot but we supply clients with flexible and affordable telemarketing and we remove the unnecessary jargon that is so frequently applied to the subject.

By getting rid of the unnecessary blurb we show you that telemarketing requires the understanding of your business and what your desired target is by using telemarketing.

The method that we use requires researching the client, breaking down the business, forming it into a 10 (+/-) page training manual or ‘sales story’ and then training the telemarketers on the full background of the business and how we are to promote them.

Using our refined method (a.k.a. remove the jargon) we are able to break into a conversation and cleverly control it by asking a series of open questions. The caller feels they are the one in control of the conversation as they are the one doing the majority of the talking. We however find out the information we need to know and are able to apply the features and benefits of the client we are working for.

You get a weekly report from us and in this we list any ‘appointments or sales’. We only pass leads to our clients when they have a definite interest - we can’t bear the thought of you having a wishy washy meeting or passing you a sale that turns out to be a dud.

We keep you posted on any ‘hot leads’, which are potential clients who have stated interest and look likely to convert within 3 months. We then list all who are ‘pipeline’ leads which are those after the 3 month period. We also state any ‘info sends’ and why they requested information and lastly keep note of any ‘not interested’. The not interested section is not a big rejection you need to weep over. It is full of very important market feedback which gets you understanding what competitors do to market themselves and why these people are saying no.

During our campaigns we don’t just focus on making you appointments and sales, we additionally make sure we create a list of leads for the year ahead keeping your diary busy. We also make you aware of any feedback gained from market research - this can be a massive element in helping your business grow and understanding geographically where your business is strongest.

We will keep you posted as often as you like. We like having regular reviews with our clients throughout all our campaigns so that we are able to make sure we are keeping you happy but we also see if there are elements of the campaign that were unexpected and that can be changed. We are always learning new ways to perfect our conversations, understand what people like and dislike from that sector and learn what geographical area or sector is best to target – if we didn’t grow and learn as our campaigns went on then we would not be very good as telemarketers!

Getting That Ball Rolling

Marketing Words

So what happens if you want to give telemarketing a go…

In our initial meeting you would explain to us all about your business, your current position in the market and the direction you want it to go in. We would break down with you who you wanted to target and with what angle you would want to take. We would then give you some input from our experience, the sectors we know to be strong to target and create new target markets for you. We would then devise a sales plan crafted to show you how we would progress.

If you are happy with the plan we have created you would then decide how long we are trialling a campaign for you. Over at Talk Results HQ we would research and tap away creating you your very own ‘sales story’.

It will use a very simple method that will open up a conversation - this is called the ‘hot button statement’. It will then be followed by a list of questions and an explanation of what your company does, these are called ‘open questions’.

We follow this with your company’s ‘features and benefits’ which hold the answers to all the questions we have asked during the call. We then end with ‘the close’ which tidies up the conversation and usually has the caller asking for further details or the product or an appointment.

We always plan ‘overcoming objections’, which gives our telemarketers the knowledge of what people may object to whilst on the call and aid them in getting over any hurdles.

We like to keep you in the loop so you are aware of who would be acting as your telemarketer/s. At the end of each week you would be provided with a weekly report showing exactly the number and details of any appointments / sales, hot leads, pipeline, info sends and not interested (although this can change dependent on request).

A MUST is that we keep regular reviews in place with your telemarketing projects. We want to make sure you are up to date with the progress and that you are happy with the direction of the campaign. If there are no results or we aren’t seeing the results we were after we will change the campaign direction by choice of opening statement, angle of the call or the data. This means that as the project continues the results get stronger!

Let Us Assure You

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We can’t give you promises on results. To give you specific numbers of results would only be guesswork and impossible to estimate. We can however we can give you honesty, keep you updated as frequently as you like and keep reviewing your campaign at all times to make sure we are getting the results you want to see. We keep away from the baffle and jargon and keep it honest.

So, to give you an understanding of what would happen on an average day…

In an average 8 hours we aim to make approx. 100 calls, speaking to approx. 30 decision makers. A guesstimate would be about 15 saying no and the other half requesting further info. In week 2 and onwards we would follow up the info sends thus creating you a pipeline of yes (appointments and leads), no’s (not interested and maybes) and info sends / call back at a later stage. We build the starting blocks of the relationship with your future customers.

We like to stretch out your campaigns. Our theory is that if you sat down for 5 days calling in one block, who would be following them up next week? We would rather make your budget stretch out over a period of weeks so we can build up your pipeline!

One of our strong points is that we do not just make appointments or create sales - we generate leads for calling back throughout the year and perform market research. This can be finding out who your competition is, what your competition does that makes them popular and even why they wouldn’t use you.

We solve the sales and marketing puzzle together.

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