How Telemarketing Boosts Mailer Campaigns

How Telemarketing Boosts Mailer Campaigns – By Felicity Francis

Whenever a company runs a mailer campaign they invest time, money and resources; and of course they then have an expectation of hugely beneficial returns. Indeed, why else would you run such a campaign?

How Telemarketing Boosts Mailer CampaignsMailer campaigns are an important medium with which to make first contact or remind past clients that you still have great services or products to offer them, and as a marketing tool they should never be ignored.

So why is it that after the exertions of getting this campaign from the boardroom to your mailing list, do so many companies then neglect to follow up on their initial step with something as simple as a phone call?

The mailer campaign is designed to build up strong relationships with your clients, so why would any business become inactive and let this warmth fade into the frosty ether?

Maybe you struggle with a lack of time, expertise or resources. Perhaps your sales team are busy on other tasks and projects, and simply cannot devote time to following up these communications.

Well, we are delighted to be able to take all of these negatives and transform them into positive leads generation. Talk Results is a highly skilled and effective firm of telemarketers, and we know how to take your mailer campaign to the next level.

We don’t engage people in sales conversations, but we do remind them how your services or products could enhance their lives and businesses. We work through the list of addressees and establish with them whether they are very interested – hot, mildly intrigued and want to know more – warm, or if they are not viable leads and why – cold.

The Talk Results team offer the solution to a lack of resources, time, expertise, and saves your sales team from making unproductive calls when they could be focusing on other projects. We do the time consuming work and deliver the vital data to you that will contain the list of clients, their valuable feedback, market research and possible obstacles, plus their level of interest to hear back from you. With our help your initial mailer campaign can become so much more – use this chance to touch base with clients, build stronger relationships, and grow your business.

Talk Results’ experts never neglect a lead, which may be what your own sales team have done previously as they focus solely on the very hot lead. We keep following up and touching base with even the cool leads, and we don’t leave them to freeze. Very often someone has to hear or see a message more than once to realise how something could benefit them. Think about advertising. This happens repeatedly because firms understand that peoples’ attention will waver or be torn and that they won’t ingest the information after just one hit of their advert. Some leads may be cool now because they have no need for your services at the moment, but by following up later down the line, often you may find a demand has come up and they have work for you after all.

This is why telemarketing works. We contact these leads to see if we can make cold or lukewarm leads convert to a mellow receptive warm or hot, ready for a sales conversation with one of your team.

Talk Results can ensure that your mailer campaign reaches its full potential and that your firm receives maximum benefit. Don’t leave your lead management to one email, follow it up and use our effective telemarketing strategy to build your business.

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