Time To Dust Off Your Database?

Time To Dust Off Your Database? – By Felicity Francis

Do you have a C.R.M (Customer Relationship Management) package? Perhaps you have a different database system, such as excel or other software? How often do you use your databases to help you manage and market to your clients?

If your database is feeling neglected, we’ll help you get the most from the data that you have.

You probably have access to an extensive database which you could generate leads from, there’s information just waiting to be used effectively but, and there’s always a but, the day-to-day running of the business takes up all of your employees’ time and resources. You’re working hard to solidify relationships with existing clients, and that’s vital, but the potential clients haven’t been chased up and have forgotten why they chose to enquire into your services in the first place.   

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How Telemarketing Boosts Mailer Campaigns

How Telemarketing Boosts Mailer Campaigns – By Felicity Francis

Whenever a company runs a mailer campaign they invest time, money and resources; and of course they then have an expectation of hugely beneficial returns. Indeed, why else would you run such a campaign?

How Telemarketing Boosts Mailer CampaignsMailer campaigns are an important medium with which to make first contact or remind past clients that you still have great services or products to offer them, and as a marketing tool they should never be ignored.

So why is it that after the exertions of getting this campaign from the boardroom to your mailing list, do so many companies then neglect to follow up on their initial step with something as simple as a phone call?

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